Monday, October 11, 2010

Scar Massage

At therapy this morning, my therapist taught me how to do a "scar massage" to break up the scar tissue underneath. I have a lot of scars, and they each are at various forms of sensitivity. The scars on my inner ankle are the worst - I cringe in discomfort when something as slight as a bedsheet rubs against them. As for my arm, that scar is the coolest.

It isn't that sensitive and so it doesn't hurt, but the actual scar part is 3d... like a worm. It's really gross to touch, so my boyfriend will probably be the one performing the majority of the scar massages.

According to UofM, these are the instructions for a scar massage:
- Rub in a circular motion on and around the scar with firm, even pressure for 5 minutes four times per day
- You can start scar massage once incision is completely healed and strong enough to handle the motion (usually 10 - 14 days post operatively).
- You use lotion to do the scar massage to allow ease with motion over the scar and prevent friction at the area.
- found here

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