Monday, November 1, 2010

Flu Shot

Today I went and got my flu shot from a very nice old nurse. Even though the clinic was buzzing with people, she was very quaint and we had a sweet little conversation. I was in my scooter, and usually I love to park my scooter and get up and walk in order to show people that I am not confined to a wheelchair. When I'm whizzing around campus it's one thing, but in a crowded room I feel so embarrassed and humbled and ashamed of being in a wheelchair. Despite these feelings, I stayed in my chair throughout the whole process (more for practicality reasons than anything else - like I said, it was busy and so there wasn't really a convenient place for me to park) but everyone at the clinic was helpful and treated me so that even with my insecurities I didn't feel awkward. Perhaps it's because they are in the medical field, but not one person asked me about my wheelchair or what happened to me. Not that I dislike those questions (again, it gives me a chance to reassure the other person and myself that this condition is only temporary), but it was just sort of nice not to be questioned. I even tempted the nurse to ask me about it ("which arm should I poke you in?" / "my right one, since my left one has a huge scar on it!" / "ok!"... and that was it!) Overall a pleasant experience, and now my body is protected from the flu!

My leg has been extremely sore all weekend. Very uncomfortable and annoying, but the worst part is that I haven't even been active this weekend so I don't know why it's hurting so badly! Also, the pain in my knee has been pretty strong when I walk... Not so much pain, really, but that bubble of open space... Imagine a part of your body that suddenly just has less bone there. Yeah, it feels weird. I'll try to think of a better way to explain it if I can.

Today in therapy I practiced standing on one leg, on my bad leg. Hurt a lot! But I need to build up the strength and the balance if I want to get back to normal. And I do... I really, really do.


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